BMW 320D

A lovely 320d in Carbon Black. This car had been treated to a long life sealant a few weeks previous by another company, but the valeter applied it over defects and swirls marks which the owner felt detracted from the finish of the car. Our challenge was to get the car up to standard.

The car how it arrived, already quite clean.

BMW 320D. BMW 320D.
BMW 320D. BMW 320D.

We started on the wheels as usual, only needed a little work.

Wheel faces cleaned. Inner wheels are cleaned.

Wheels were rinsed and then a strong traffic film remover was used to break down the long life sealant so that it wouldn't cause any issues with the polishing stages.

Rinsing wheels. Applying TRF mix to breakdown old sealant.

The car then got a snow foam pre-wash.

Pre-wash with snow foam. Pre-wash with snow foam.

Followed by a rinse and normal two bucket wash.

Rinsing car. Washed again, using two bucket method.

While still wet, we clay the car to remove any bonded on contamination, followed by another rinse. The car is then dried using waffle weave drying towels.

Claying the car to remove bonded contamination. Drying with waffle weave towels.

The dry car is then moved inside and is masked up ready for machining, at this point we also make a thorough examination of the paint work.

Masking up to protect trim while polishing. Inspecting the paintwork for defects.
Inspecting the paintwork for defects. Inspecting the paintwork for defects.

Various grades of compound, polish and polishing pads are used to correct the defects and swirl marks in the paint, leaving us with a flawless finish.

Machine polishing the paint. Machine polishing the paint.
Machine polishing the paint. A solvent is used to remove any remaining polishing oils.

Once polishing is complete the car is wiped down with a solvent to remove any left over polishing oils. Then a coat of a high quality carnauba wax is applied. The wax is removed after several minutes curing time to leave an incredible wet look, glossy shine.

A coat of high quality carnauba wax has been applied. After several minutes curing it is then buffed to a wet, glossy shine.

The car is moved back outside for another rinse. This is to remove any remaining dust, from the polishing stage, that is lingering in door shuts and panel gaps.

Rinsing to remove dust. Rinsing to remove dust.

We do one final inspection to check for any unbuffed wax or dust, the car is then ready for the owner.

BMW 320D BMW 320D
BMW 320D BMW 320D
BMW 320D BMW 320D
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