Our Detailing Service

Our detailing programmes care for every surface of your vehicle ensuring that they are cleaned corrected and protected to the highest possible standard. Detailing is the systematic rejuvenation of every part of your vehicle.

The detailing process begins with a no obligation vehicle assessment and appraisal. This includes an approximately one hour appointment where we:

Paint Thickness/Depth Gauge for measuring the thickness of your cars paint.

Measure paint thickness.
This is carried out with an electronic paint thickness gauge to ascertain any areas that have been resprayed and to help us ascertain what will be required to correct any defects.

Carry out a panel asessment
As part of the appraisal half a wing or section of the bonnet will be treated to with the multiple stages so you can see for yourself the finish we can achieve.

Consultation review
We will talk you through the processes and help you decide on the most appropriate course of treatment be that a protection detail or a correction and protection process.

At this stage we will also talk about ongoing car care with the choices being: A bespoke maintenance plan provided by us on prescheduled dates and times. Or Owner maintained, where we will offer information on products and techniques to ensure you care for you car correctly.

After the appraisal you will receive a report in the post which will contain the paint readings in a graph format as well as a detailed quotation for the work. An additional schedule of work will be included if you chose to take advantage of an ongoing care plan.

You can be assured that due to the type of service we offer and vehicles worked on discretion is paramount when it comes to client’s details and cars.

We also offer services to show car enthusiasts, chauffeurs and many car clubs who demand the best.

Paintwork correction detail

Paintwork correction utilises many different tools, pads and polishes to safely but effectively remove swirls, scratches, micro marring, buffer trails, bird lime etches and hologramming. We achieve this by removing a very small amount of the uppermost layer of paint. Typically a car has between 110 and 140 microns of paint and we remove circa 2 microns. This process also removes any oxidation and faded paint to reveal a perfectly level defect free gleaming finish.

50 / 50 left side is uncorrected, right side corrected.

In fact our paintwork correction service is so effective we have saved many car owners and dealerships the cost of a full re spray as well as the inconvenience and the inevitable defects the paintwork will have upon it’s return. All this and we maintain the originality of the vehicle.

This is by far the best start to a well structured car care plan.

Products used

Whilst enjoying our premium detailing services you can be assured that only the finest products and techniques are employed and state of the art equipment is utilised. We source products from around the globe to ensure we can offer a truly bespoke, discreet and exclusive service to our more discerning clientele.

We choose not to pay and become authorised detailers of these products as we feel it unfair to be only able to offer our customers one brand of product which may not give the pinnacle finish on every vehicle we are commissioned to detail.

Zaino Show Car Polish.

Many of our fine waxes are from the fine swiss wax maker swissvax and our poured in small quantities by hand. These are chosen for the unparalleled depth of shine and lasting protection. They really do leave a finish so deep and wet looking you’ll think you could fall in.

Our sealants packages our the most durable on the market today and offer unrivalled protection and metallic flake popping shine. The finish they leave is the most slick and reflective available. These products are from an American manufacturer called Zaino who have invested hugely in their product research and development over many years.


This service is designed for those who own vehicles that are already defect free such as those that have been subject to a correction detail by us previously. However we appreciate that not all owners are particularly concerned with the defects their vehicles have and simply want to benefit from an extremely durable and protective coating applied to all surfaces of their car. These are steps we can take to ‘disguise the defects if not opting for full correction work.

Our protection detail takes from 8 to 10 hours to complete, dependant on car size.

At the assessment stage we will have talked about and confirmed in writing the products to be used. These products tend to be Zaino* for ultimate durability and reflective gloss or Swissvax* fine waxes and products for a deep and warm glow to the paintwork.

Following on from the prior assessment and appraisal the work will be as follows:

Washing using the 2 bucket method.
  • Cleaning-engine compartment
  • Cover sensitive electrical components and prespray engine compartment and underbonnet with a citrus degreaser, agitate and gently flush clean. We then dry engine compartment and protect all surfaces.
  • Cleaning (wheels and tyres):
  • Pre-spray wheels with non-acidic wheel cleaner, agitated, wheels rotated and repeated.
  • De-tar wheels using citrus solution and rinse.
  • Tyres washed and scrubbed using a tyre specific cleaning product.
  • Cleaning (bodywork and trim):
  • Pre-spray bodywork, arches and door -shuts with citrus degreaser and rinse with pressure washer to safely remove heavier grit & dirt particles.
  • Pre-spray all door and boot shuts with all purpose cleaner and gently flush clean with PW.
  • Soak bodywork with citrus snow foam, allow to dwell and rinse with PW - this process safely removes almost all dirt from the bodywork.
  • Bodywork washed (using two bucket method and lambs-wool wash mitt) with pH neutral shampoo.

Bodywork preparation:

  • Citrus de-tar solution applied to paintwork panels and bonded-on tar carefully removed using a micro-fibre cloth. Car rinsed thoroughly with PW. Paintwork dried using microfibre blankets. Paintwork and glass clay-barred using a contaminant, specific grade used in conjunction with a specialist lubricant.
Paint correction using rotary polisher.

Bodywork finishing:

  • All paintwork cleaned by hand using a Cleaner Fluid. This stage ensures that the paintwork is literally squeaky clean as well as applying nourishing oils to the paint surface. Omitting this stage would result in loss of adhesion for the final waxing process. All cleaner fluid residue removed by buffing with a micro-fibre cloth.
  • Wax applied by hand and allowed to cure before removal and buffing to a high gloss finish using a soft buffing towel.
  • Door, boot shuts and underside of bonnet waxed.

Sundry cleaning:

  • Ditto lighting units.
  • Door, boot and bonnet seals cleaned using special rubber cleaner.
  • Under-body washed using PW and right angled lance to remove harmful road salts etc from the vehicles under-tray.
  • Wheel, tyre and wheel arch finishing:
  • Wheels sealed with long-life wheel sealant for long lasting protection.
  • Tyres dressed with leaving a semi-gloss finish.
  • Plastic wheel arches treated with proprietary finishing product.

Sundry finishing:

  • Stainless steel and chrome trim (including exhaust) polished.
  • Glass and lights polished and followed with a two stage water repellent coating.
  • All plastic and rubber trim treated with appropriate Swissvax finishing products.
  • Engine bay; finished with proprietary dressing.
  • Rubber door seals treated with anti-freeze/conditioning product.

The time taken for the additional paint correction process will depend on vehicle size, paint hardness and extent of the defects to be removed.

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