Wheel Refurbishment

Badly corroded or damaged wheels can completely ruin a cars appearance. For lesser damage, such as a chip or minor kerb damage please see our wheel repair service page.

Complete Refurbishment from 50.00 per wheel.

The Refurb process

Corrosion & Damage - This wheel has corrosion, through either regular use of an acidic wheel cleaner or failure of the wheel coating allowing moisture in, there is also some kerbing damage to the wheel and it has had a poor quality refurb as well.

Damaged wheels.Wheel with kerb damage.

Preparation - Before doing anything, the wheels are cleaned and degreased so that they can be thoroughly inspected for damage. The tyres are removed, along with the valve and balance weights.

Preparing the wheel.

Dipping - The wheels are put into a dip tank, where the chemical inside strips the previous layers of paint and removes corrosion. After a few minutes they are removed and pressure washed clean to remove the old layers of paint and to neutralise the chemicals.

Chemical dipping to remove old layers.The chemical is the rinsed off.

Damage Repair - After inspecting for damage the wheel is mounted on the grinding jig and using our special grinding machine, the damage is ground out to leave a nice smooth finish. Any severe damage is metal filled and left to cure for 24 hours before being sanded and reshaped. At this stage as much corrosion that is accessible is removed.

The wheel edge is ground out to remove damage. The wheel edge is ground out to remove damage.

Blasting - The wheels are then blasted to remove any remaining corrosion, old paint and to provide a nice, keyed surface for the new coating.

Blasted to give a key and to remove any last remaining corrosion. Wheel now reading for coating.

Powder Coating - Following the blasting the wheels are given a wash down to ensure there is no blast media present. The wheels are then mounted on a rack and placed in our oven. The wheels are brought up to the perfect temperature for applying the powder coat.

Wheels go into oven to bring them up to correct coating temperature.Wheels go into oven to bring them up to correct coating temperature.

When the wheels have reached the correct temperature they're moved to the powder coat booth where a coat of powder coat primer is applied. The wheels are then returned back to the oven to bake the coating. Once baked the wheels are moved back to the booth for colour coating and the procedure repeated for the clear powder coat.

Coating the wheels.Coating the wheels.
Coating the wheels.Coating the wheels.

Once the clear powder coat has been baked, the wheels are removed from the oven and left to cool and finish curing.

The finished wheel on the rack cooling.The finished wheel on the rack cooling.

They are then ready to have tyres fitted, new valves and balanced.

The movie below shows the coating process in more detail.

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